Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Best Bargains Located?

We are located in Toronto, Canada. Our address is: 27 Queen St. E. Suite 202 Toronto ON M5C 2M6

What currency are the prices in?

The prices on the website are all in US dollars.

How is my order sent?

If you reside in the USA your order is sent by Canada Post, US EXPRESS POST. The benefits of this service are that your order is traceable and insured for the valued amount. If you reside in Canada, your order will be sent by Express Post.

Is it possible to get my order sooner?

Yes, we can ship your order by Federal Express. There is a $50 charge for Fedex orders for customers in Canada or USA. Shipping charge for International orders is as applicable.

I do not have a business ID, or resale tax permit. Can I order from you?

No, we are a wholesale only company. You must have a business number in order to be our customer.

How long will it take for me to receive my order?

It will arrive between 8-10 working days for customers who reside in the USA, 3-5 days for customers who reside in Canada, and 3 days – 3 weeks for International customers (depending on service chosen).

Can I get the same items available in your show room?

Yes, we carry all of our online merchandise in shop plus much, much more! We recommend first time visitors to Toronto to explore downtown and visit us as well!

What are your office hours?

Our office hours are 10 AM -6 PM daily Monday-Friday. And all other hours - by appointment only.

Are you open on weekends or after hours?

We are open on weekends and after hours by appointment only. Please allow us, a two-day notice to make your appointment.

Is there a minimum online or mail/phone order purchase?

Yes, it is $100.

Is there a minimum purchase at your wholesale show room?

Yes, $100.00.

Do you have a regular catalogue?

Our online-site is our most intensive catalogue. In addition, we mail flyers quarterly, offering our customers the newest products and discounts. We also do a monthly e-newsletter. Send a message to viral @ to subscribe

How can I get on your mailing list for future catalogues and discounts?

Only customers are listed in our mailing list. We encourage you to browse through our site, make your selection because it is our most intensive catalogue.

Do you sell your mailing list to other companies?

No, your e-mail address and business address are kept confidential!

Can I get one of my designs made and assembled by your company?

Yes, by quantity only. For more information please call Anita at 416.836.3470

Do you ship on “terms”?

No, we do not ship terms. You must provide payment by either Visa, Mastercard, Cheque or Money Order, before your shipment is sent.

Do you ship COD?


HELP! I did not recieve my password yet!

We're sorry, however, the autoresponder on our site is not compatible with non-html email servers (for example Aol). We will manually send you your password at 10:00am the following morning. Sorry for the inconvenience. Please email for further assistance.

What currency are the prices in?

The prices are in US$, please add 20% for Canadian Conversion.

Are the products returnable?

Generally No. We take a considerable amount of time to triple check every order. Only approved parcels are returnable, we charge a 10% restocking fee. We do not accept returns after a 2 weeks from date of purchase.